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Take the headache out of learning music theory

We've all been there before... Your family or friends come over and say, "Play something for us!" You sit down at the piano, play the one or two songs you've memorized, and quickly give up because you don't know anything else.

Wouldn't you love to come up with songs of your own? Or create a unique piano solo on-the-fly?

Being able to improvise is one of the most sought after skills when it comes to playing or learning any instrument.

Trying to learn things like scales, chords, inversions, and progressions can be downright intimidating - and that's only scratching the surface of music theory.

If you've tried learning these things before, you know how overwhelming and scattered the content can be for it, and like me, you've probably given up more than once. Or like some people, you don't even know where to begin.

Luckily we have the perfect solution for you...

Music Theory Made Easy: Piano Edition eBook

Music Theory Made Easy was created in order to help musicians learn music theory concepts as easily as possible, and in as little time as possible. We break down advanced concept into bite-sized chunks and give practical examples along the way to help you fully understand every step.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Rather than spinning around in circles trying to figure out what to learn first, we've organized everything you need into a compact, easy-to-understand package. Here are just a few of the benefits of learning music theory...

Improvise Like A Pro

Making music is like speaking a language. In order to speak it fluently, you need to know words, sentences, and how to string those sentences together. Learning music theory will teach you how to do just that, meaning you'll be able to come up with your own licks and solos.

Write Your Own Songs

Learning music theory allows you to predict logical chord progressions and identify related chords/scales. This means you'll be able to come up with your own songs and tell the story that YOU want to tell the world.

Sight-Read Faster

Once you know music theory, you'll be more familiar with common themes found in music, and you'll be able to better identify repeating parts, and predict what will probably come next when sight-reading music.

Master Pieces Faster

Memorizing pieces of music can be hard, but once you know the language of music, you'll be able to easily pick out familiar patterns and progressions. This means that you'll see the song as a whole, and not just a bunch of notes.

Here’s what people are saying about the eBook

Marie Fisher

"I've always have problems learning music theory, but your eBook made it super easy!"

Carl Numan

"Music Theory Made Easy is an absolute gem."

Gary Howard

"I love the practical examples throughout the book..."

What's in the eBook


Chapter 1: What is Music Theory?

In this opening chapter, we'll make sure you understand exactly what music theory is. We'll also provide you with an extensive history of how it came-to-be through the different time periods in history. A good understanding of the development of music will set you off on the right track.


Chapter 2: The Foundations: Musical Form

Music cannot exist without musical form. You'll learn all about leitmotif, how music is structured, and how to label music compositions. This is essential knowledge when it comes to understanding compositions and song-writing.


Chapter 3: All About Notes

In this chapter we will go over the notes of the piano. You'll also learn about the different clefs found in sheet music, and some different tricks for memorizing how to read the notes found in written music.


Chapter 4: Scales

Scales are one of the most important things to know when playing any instrument, so we don't skimp on this chapter. You'll develop a good understanding of things like intervals, scales, triads, scales, degrees, accidentals, key signatures, and more. This stuff is the gateway to learning how to improvise and master the piano.


Chapter 5: The Circle of Fifths: An Overview

An invaluable tool in music theory, composition, and practice, the Circle of Fifths will better help you understand scales, build chords, and determine which scales to use at any given time.


Chapter 6: Chord Progressions

Chord progressions are essential knowledge if you ever want to write your own music or better understand songs you already know. In addition to giving you a solid understanding of them, we'll also go over some of the most common chord progressions found in music so you can start using them right away.


Chapter 7: Apply Music Theory Made Easy

In this wrap-up chapter, we'll give you some parting advice to start you off on the right track in your journey to becoming the pianist you've always dreamed of becoming.

About The Creator,
Ian R.

Ian R. is a life-long piano student and teacher. He's also the founder and editor of ThrivePiano, a blog created for pianists of all levels, with tips, buyer's guides, and how-to articles. His goal is to help musicians all over the world overcome the hurdles of learning how to play and have fun while doing so.

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Why Should You Buy This eBook?

High quality and easy to understand music theory lessons are hard to come by. You can find bare-bones snippets of lessons online for free, enroll in an expensive online course, or you can pay a private teacher a few hundred dollars per month to learn it.

If you've ever tried to learn music theory online, you'll quickly see how scattered and unorganized the information can be. Everybody teaches in their own different way, and it's downright impossible to know what order to everything in, let alone where to even begin.

Our eBook takes all the pain and misery out of learning music theory, because we provide it all in one place - a compact and fun to read compilation of everything you need to know - for a fraction of the price you'd pay elsewhere.

Take all the guesswork out of what to learn, and start becoming the pianist you've always wanted to become!

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If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. That's why we'll happily give your money back if you request a refund. We're confident that once you read through Music Theory Made Easy, you'll come out the other side as a better and more knowledgeable musician.



eBook Now Just $19.99